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March 10, 2020


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Welcome to our community newsletter from BioLabs LA!

BioLabs at The Lundquist Institute offers 18,000 sqft of flexible and state-of-the-art co-working lab and office space. Located on the third floor of an 80,000 sqft research facility, members have access to the amenities and resources of the entire Lundquist Institute campus.


Recent News

BioLabs LA in the News

BioLabs at The Lundquist Institute – Harnessing the Power of Genomics - Announces Three New Start-up Company Members // PR Newswire

February 19, 2020


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Some of the most technological advancements in human history have altered the course of mankind. Innovations such as the internet or smartphones clearly have seen far reaching impact, but one innovation that is still in its infancy but continues to catalyze research and discovery is the power of genomics. The human genome project was an international collaboration that completed in 2003 and that public database has led to many advancements in genetics by applying the growing understanding of underlying biology at the molecular level. BioLabs at The Lundquist Institute, with its state of the art equipment and experts in next-generation sequencing fosters the next stages in the genomics revolution by accepting three new innovators: Vangenes, Hinge Therapeutics and Basepaws.


Our Members in the News


Forte Biosciences // Tocagen Merge

Tocagen and Forte Biosciences announce merger transaction to create NASDAQ-listed company focused on advancing Forte's late-stage clinical program for Atopic Dermatitis. Click below to see more about this amazing news and the next steps for Forte's transition to a publicly traded company.


Basepaws // Wall Street Journal

Basepaws was featured in recent article in Wall Street Journal about pet food sales and Nestle's growth. Click below to read more about the trend of organic and grain free pet food and our member company, Basepaws.


Hinge Therapeutics // Spectrum

The bio-science industry is growing fast and Los Angeles County wants to create a hub to rival Silicon Valley.

In high school she started to fall in love with science. Now she is the president and CEO of her own bio-pharmaceutical company, Hinge Therapeutics. Akiko Futamura is trying to cure diseases like hemophilia and Alzheimer’s. Click on the link below to watch her incredible interview.


Athos Therapeutics // Vitals 2020: UCLA Healthcare Conference

Athos' CEO, Dimitrios Iliopoulos, was part of the "Entrepreneurship in Healthcare" panel at the annual Vitals Healthcare Conference at UCLA.


NeuroDetect // CTIP Showcase

NeuroDetect is proud to join the CTIP portfolio to help pediatric patients suffering from traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic epilepsy! The West Coast Consortium for Technology & Innovation in Pediatrics (CTIP) hosted the CTIP Portfolio Showcase only three weeks after our acceptance into this incredible program. NeuroDetect attended with 20 other amazing companies! Click below to learn more about the CTIP program.


New Sponsor - Sartorius

BioLabs LA has started sponsorship with Sartorius, a leading international partner of the bio-pharmaceutical industry and the research sector

This sponsorship will give members the opportunity to use new Sartorius products, such as the Picus NxT pipette, and get access to competitive pricing. Sponsorship will also give Sartorius access to our space to assist lab members with their research needs and implement their own programming to promote innovation.


A Message From Our COO

" Spring is around the corner at BioLabs LA, things are blooming and BOOMING!

Spring is always a time for new beginnings and an opportunity to reflect on the past 10 months since BioLabs at the Lundquist officially opened its doors for life science start-ups. As the first-of-its-kind innovation center in Los Angeles County, BioLabs LA is now home to over [14+] companies working from pet gene sequencing to drug development and therapeutics – along with all things science in between. The changing landscape around the world with novel therapies also comes with new viral strains and the bio-science industry is positioned well to address the healthcare concerns from around the globe. Los Angeles is an international hub for the best and brightest, and as an emerging biotech cluster, LA is just beginning to realize its role as a powerhouse in generation of scientific discoveries and end-to-end patient engagement.

In partnership with the world-class researchers at the Lundquist Institute, BioLabs LA is positioned to be the premier gathering place for life science innovation, where discoveries in labs around the world can now find a home, and environment the moves ideas towards commercialization and eventually, to helping millions of patients around the globe. We are just getting started and hope that you will spread the word: BioLabs LA is THE home in Los Angeles county for bio-science entrepreneurs and the outlook for success here is bright! "

Susie Harborth

COO, BioLabs


"The Lab" at BioLabs

New Additions

Our Brand New MilliQ Water System is Here

The Milli-Q® IQ system is a fully-integrated and modern water purification system delivering both superior quality ultra-pure (Type 1) and pure (Type 2) water direct from a tap water source.

It integrates Elix® electrode-ionization (EDI) technology, intuitive touchscreens, Q-POD® ultra-pure and E-POD® pure dispensers, and mercury-free UV lamps.

The system provides an ergonomic and compact design to improve lab productivity, reduce waste and accelerate research.

Including DNase/RNase free water!

MilliQ Water Applications



Particle analysis

Surface tension


Cell culture


Western blotting


Proteomics and Genomics





Coming Soon

GE Life Sciences' AKTA GO // FPLC

Quickly getting enough protein of desired purity and yield is essential to advance research tasks and get to reliable results. The compact system, with a footprint of only 335 × 464 mm, lets you more efficiently use precious bench and cold cabinet space in your routine column chromatography purifications.



Upcoming Events

Insight into upcoming events inside our space this quarter.


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