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Normally we post these updates quarterly, but in light of the recent adjustments the entire civilization is making we thought it helpful to reach out and connect sooner vs. later. Things develop day by day, hour by hour in some cases, and staying connected is more vital than ever. While we can’t continue our normal in person programming, we are excited to share some online events that everyone can take part in. One of the silver linings of this is that the community can expand beyond an easy car ride to a lecture or panel and folks from across the globe can participate.   

Our partner, LaunchBio, has announced an exciting slate of webinars that we wanted to highlight for everyone with more to come in the near future. Register for the ones below and to stay in touch as new ones are announced.  Additionally, we are providing some additional resources to help you sift through the barrage of information being put out there. Dr. Lin’s presentation is a great resource for wrapping your head around the virus and disease. The BioLabs team has also put together some great information on new funding being made available for related research. Science will solve this!!  BioLabs is working hard to be part of that effort. Our team is available remotely so don’t hesitate to reach out for a video call. 

 BioLabs LA Team – Gary, Jessica, Martyse

Resources and Information

BioLabs: COVID-19 Research Funding Resources

In support during the Coronavirus crisis, our team has compiled an ongoing list of currently available research fundings dedicated to COVID-19.


How to fight the coronavirusSARS-CoV-2 and its disease,CoVID-19

Here is the latest presentation from Dr. Michelle Lin, Associate Professor of Neurobiology and Bioengineering at Stanford, on how to fight CoVID-19.


Biocom: Coronavirus Resource Center

Read a message from Biocom's CEO, Joe Panetta, and learn about their recent updates and webinars. They also mention updates with their partners in relation to Coronavirus. 


In clinical trials and laboratories, the hunt is on to find vaccines and drugs to treat, prevent novel Coronavirus

The rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus has prompted medical researchers worldwide to go on the offense and look for vaccines and treatments. Bill Whitaker reports on some of the leading efforts.



Upcoming Webinars

MARCH 26 | Larger Than Life Science: Thinking Ahead
Stem cells hold the potential to cure a wide range of diseases and researchers have dreamed of using them to repair damaged tissue, fight neurological problems and even create new organs. Join us this month to explore a new decade of opportunities with regenerative medicine.
APRIL 1 | Larger Than Life: Leading Through Uncertain Times
We speak online with three life sciences CEOs about how they’re coping with the breakneck pace and scope of change we’re experiencing and then invite audience comments and questions.

APRIL 1 | AAAS: Organoids, iPSCs, and advanced cell models: Advancing discovery from basic research to drug discovery
Discuss the importance of advanced models for development of novel treatments and personalized medicine

APRIL 8 | Larger Than Life Science: Advancing Gene Therapy
New gene editing technologies have energized the science of drug discovery and sparked a wave of startups. With the advent of CRISPR/Cas9 systems, a researcher can find an active nuclease on virtually any region of the genome, greatly reducing the time needed to develop novel therapies to treat a wide range of diseases.

APRIL 8 | AAAS: Deciphering the cell cycle: The role of cell cycle control in cancer
Discover how new CDK inhibitors can be used in combination with other therapeutics to target cancer and learn about similarities and differences in critical cell cycle signaling pathways in different cancer types.

APRIL 16 | Larger Than Life Science: Race For A Cure
Amidst global concerns about the coronavirus outbreak, Bay Area company ATUM is working around the clock to help find a vaccine. ATUM builds virtual models first to identify different properties of the coronavirus. In this fireside chat, hear from ATUM’s Co-Founder, Claes Gustafsson, on the technology behind the cure and how the biotech community is banding together for the collective good.


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